Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crib Woes

I keep hearing Blythe in the crib stirring and making sounds. It is not crying so I sit. . . do I pick her up and give in? I want her to get used to it. Tonight is my first night trying to get her to sleep in the crib. I need to sleep better. I want her to go to bed earlier. I figure if I can get her to stop nursing AS much during the night and to sleep through most of it (meaning 6 hours) than I will be a happy woman. I am sure Aaron will benefit as well.

My room is a disaster. I want it to be magically cleaned so that when I have my infant in the crib I can aimlessly wander over to the crib in a daze in the dark and get her and bring her to bed with out the realistic fear of tripping over clothes. What IS my problem? I could go for some fish sticks right now.

Well, We will see how tonight goes. My biggest worry is that Blythe will be cold in her crib. It makes me sad to feel her cold hands or face sometimes. I always read in articles, though, that as long as the baby is bundles up appropriately with just their head exposed that their head will regulate their temperature. Should I put mittens on her? I dunno. Call me a worry wart I guess. That term is gross. Well, after I finish my pineapple martini I am off to bed. Hopefully I can get a few hours in before Blythe wakes to nurse. Do I nurse her and put her back in the crib or just grab her and bring her into the bed?! Maybe if my rocking chair weren't covered in clothes my choice would be easier to make. :P

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