Monday, January 25, 2010

Turn of Events.

We have been barely hanging onto this winter, financially speaking, thanks to Aaron being laid off and me not working right now. We rather enjoy it though. Aaron has been able to bond with the baby, who is 4 months old now, and help me homeschool Fiona. It has been nice having him around. I feel closer to him but at the same time I kind of miss my daily routine. I am glad he was able to be home during the first several months of the Blythe's life. I appreciate husbands alot now that I have had one kid with out and one with.

Julaina's (my sister) daughter Charlotte is about 8 months old and she just started crawling. It is so exciting! I love having all these girls in the family. This past year has been a good time for us all. No more miscarriages. We got our little babies!

I have high hopes for this year. We will do alot of things. Do alot more on our house and possibly move in. Take the kids on fun trips. Hopefully go on one BIG vacation. Maybe I will make some headway in my own little side business. Buy a car. I hope to be more artistic too. Keep a journal. Make some jewelry......

Well, we are losing our internet this week. We cannot afford to pay for it for now. I will miss looking up cloth diaper supplies and writing in the diaper swappers forum. I will miss reading up on baby stuff and talking to my friends online. I can still take the laptop to the cafe or library but still...not the same. I am looking forward to spending more time with my baby and my big daughter. I will get more out of life. Now if only it also was turning spring already!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mommy Blues

I am feeling rather squishy and fugly and unkempt and gross and aesthetically displeasing. I have been a new mom (again) for 4 months now and I guess I still can warrant the new mom look but that mixed with this winter is not helping my thoughts. I get a headache alot from the hormones surging. I could really use a nice warm day with sun shining. I could more importantly use a make over. yes, a makeover. A visit to the salon. I need a haircut. I need some new clothes. I need some TIME and $$$.

On a lighter note: Blythe is JUST the awesomest! She is sooo cute. She is doing alot more now. She is starting to become a little feisty though. She has a bit of a temper. I think it is cute though. I enjoy being a mom to my 2 girls. I feel like I could possibly give a wonderful future to these girls and add a couple of good people to the future. I also hope to give to these girls a life that I wish I had had. Perhaps a feeling they take away with them from being mothered by me will be one of satisfaction and fulfillment and contentment. I love my girls and I love my husband. He makes it all possible for me to keep my sanity amoungst these hard times raising a family.

Side Note: Fulltime cloth diapering now for about 2 months. It is going great! Blythe has some minor pale redness going on but no diaper rashes yet ever since birth! I have yet to make the swap from disposable wipes to cloth. I will be making some soon. My only wish is that all of my diapers had snap closures and that they were all organic cotton or bamboo/hemp. The fleece/microfiber diapers work very well and are easy to clean and are very durable and also they do have a stay dry feel to them but for some reason her pee smell like lobster butter most of the time. That doesn't happen when wearing the cotton ones! Weird!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I enjoy winter now since I am experiencing it from the window with my little baby girl! She is 16 lbs!!! She is ssoooooo cute! We just love her big eyes. Her surprised look at the world around her is so funny. She seems amused by low voices as well as Fiona's high pitched laughs. Her little dimpled cheek when she smiles wins me over with every smile. This is a wonderful winter and I am so thankful for what I have. Two precious girls and a husband to have fun with :)