Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life Continues

I am pregnant again! I am 6 months along. Blythe is 1 1/2 years old and she is so funny! She climbs on everything. She plays silly peek a boo games and does funny dances. She demands juice all the time (not that we give in!) by stepping forward with one foot and leans in sorta and says adamantly, "JUICE!", with a serious look on her face. Sometimes she will say "wa-wa" instead for water. It is hilarious! She loves hugs and kisses and shows alot of sympathy when she sees someone sad. So sweet! Fiona is 8 now and has almost all of her adult teeth it seems. She is doing very well in homeschool. She is in 2nd grade but doing mostly 3rd grade level for math and writing and reading. Her reading is astounding. She reads full on chapter books designed for middle school kids. She is a computer whiz too. She also loves going outside and roaming about doing little investigations and explorations. She just got a set of rain boots and an umbrella. She will have fun this spring!

We are going to Washington State in 5 weeks. We are taking the girls. I will be 33 weeks preggo at that time. Yikes! This will be both the girls' first time on a plane! How exciting! I am a bit nervous for Blythe and also for being so far along in this pregnancy. We rented a bunch of cottages and cabins to stay in on beaches. I can't wait! One last hoorah before this baby girl comes. Yes, girl. I will have 3 girls!

We better pick out a name pretty soon!