Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Registry

We are having another baby girl! We pretty much have everything we need because of having all girls. However I have been getting asked alot, "What do you need or want!?" So, I thought I would just make a list here and ppl can take that info and do what they want. I will list an item with or without a link. Then if you want to find that item used or on sale somewhere that would be the way to go. I am not really into hoarding tons of baby stuff....however there ARE some things we had our eyes on! :) I will start this list and add to it over the next few days. THANK YOU!!!!

Here is the list:

Baby disposable bleach free wipes:


Some pack n play sheets! Any kind! :)

Potty seat for travel:

bath organizer

Little Twig Bath Products:

Thirsties pre-wash and super-wash (soap for cloth diapers):

Thirsties Booty luster: (butt spray)

Croquet set: (or something similar)

Building Blocks: (or something similar)

Panini press: (hey, it isn't a baby item but since we'll have 3 kids, we need to make fast easy meals!)

Baby dishes:

Baby bottle: