Friday, August 10, 2012


I often think of my other (nonexistent) self who does an amazing art project everyday with the kids and gets time to make a wonderful dinner and folds and puts away laundry then gets the kids to bed by 8 and has time to work on a craft at night then sip on a drink and watch a show and still be in bed before midnight..... Then I get depressed. So I have resorted to catching a few minutes online on my laptop (not my Android in my pocket) around midnight and maybe having a drink then! I'm lucky if I make a decent dinner. An art project? How about: "Here, kids, there's the paint, brushes, glue and markers. I have to go nurse the baby. Here's a snack. See you in a bit. Please be quiet." It's called REALITY. We all DO try. Some days more than others. I am satisfied with one cool thing per day. Summer is easier than winter. Swimming, sand toys, playgrounds, sidewalk chalk, biking, picnics, running around outside....EASY! Winter: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm not lazy by definition. BUT I do tend to err on the side of lazy anytime a hardship enters my life or brain. LAZINESS/LAZY: "disinclined to activity or exertion, not energetic or vigorous." Yup, that is me some days. I am a mother to three girls. Sometimes I feel that if we can just have a little fun and be generally fine, that's a good day. Is that being lazy? ...or is it just life?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three's Company.

I have 3 girls now! Here is my newest little member of our family! She is now 3 and a half months and her name is Faris Viletta Antheraea. (two middle names, i didn't add my last for privacy on this blog).

We just moved to a country house 20 minutes from any normal sized town with stores. It is nestled in hills and we rent the old house on a 200 acre farm. It is cute. Big yard. Lots of black walnuts. We love it out here. It is an adjustment for sure but we are acclimating. Fiona is going to 3rd grade and she gets picked up by the bus and dropped in front of our house. She loves it and is making friends and got placed in a high reading level. Blythe is 2 now and runs around the house talking non stop. She is funny and smart and kinda whiny. She keeps us guessing, that's for sure. Faris laughs alot and gets hiccups when doing so. She coos and yells and is generally a happy chill baby. She has gotten very fat. We DO use cloth diapers with her. It is nice to use the ones we already bought. Saves tons of money!

We have a house full of 4 girls (that includes me) and one boy (daddy). We have fun and cook alot and watch movies and dance and play and have fun!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Registry

We are having another baby girl! We pretty much have everything we need because of having all girls. However I have been getting asked alot, "What do you need or want!?" So, I thought I would just make a list here and ppl can take that info and do what they want. I will list an item with or without a link. Then if you want to find that item used or on sale somewhere that would be the way to go. I am not really into hoarding tons of baby stuff....however there ARE some things we had our eyes on! :) I will start this list and add to it over the next few days. THANK YOU!!!!

Here is the list:

Baby disposable bleach free wipes:


Some pack n play sheets! Any kind! :)

Potty seat for travel:

bath organizer

Little Twig Bath Products:

Thirsties pre-wash and super-wash (soap for cloth diapers):

Thirsties Booty luster: (butt spray)

Croquet set: (or something similar)

Building Blocks: (or something similar)

Panini press: (hey, it isn't a baby item but since we'll have 3 kids, we need to make fast easy meals!)

Baby dishes:

Baby bottle:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life Continues

I am pregnant again! I am 6 months along. Blythe is 1 1/2 years old and she is so funny! She climbs on everything. She plays silly peek a boo games and does funny dances. She demands juice all the time (not that we give in!) by stepping forward with one foot and leans in sorta and says adamantly, "JUICE!", with a serious look on her face. Sometimes she will say "wa-wa" instead for water. It is hilarious! She loves hugs and kisses and shows alot of sympathy when she sees someone sad. So sweet! Fiona is 8 now and has almost all of her adult teeth it seems. She is doing very well in homeschool. She is in 2nd grade but doing mostly 3rd grade level for math and writing and reading. Her reading is astounding. She reads full on chapter books designed for middle school kids. She is a computer whiz too. She also loves going outside and roaming about doing little investigations and explorations. She just got a set of rain boots and an umbrella. She will have fun this spring!

We are going to Washington State in 5 weeks. We are taking the girls. I will be 33 weeks preggo at that time. Yikes! This will be both the girls' first time on a plane! How exciting! I am a bit nervous for Blythe and also for being so far along in this pregnancy. We rented a bunch of cottages and cabins to stay in on beaches. I can't wait! One last hoorah before this baby girl comes. Yes, girl. I will have 3 girls!

We better pick out a name pretty soon!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


i am finally pleased to see the world changing...referring to fall.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My quest

It is my mission to turn all the moms I know on to using cloth diapers. Why do we keep adding to the landfill? Cloth diapers feel better for the baby and are cute. We all know how much we hate the smell of those things stinking up our cars on a hot sunny day at the beach...or in our rooms waiting till trash day. What about the harsh chemicals leaching into our children's skin altering their future reproduction and hormones!?
Choose CLOTH!