Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three's Company.

I have 3 girls now! Here is my newest little member of our family! She is now 3 and a half months and her name is Faris Viletta Antheraea. (two middle names, i didn't add my last for privacy on this blog).

We just moved to a country house 20 minutes from any normal sized town with stores. It is nestled in hills and we rent the old house on a 200 acre farm. It is cute. Big yard. Lots of black walnuts. We love it out here. It is an adjustment for sure but we are acclimating. Fiona is going to 3rd grade and she gets picked up by the bus and dropped in front of our house. She loves it and is making friends and got placed in a high reading level. Blythe is 2 now and runs around the house talking non stop. She is funny and smart and kinda whiny. She keeps us guessing, that's for sure. Faris laughs alot and gets hiccups when doing so. She coos and yells and is generally a happy chill baby. She has gotten very fat. We DO use cloth diapers with her. It is nice to use the ones we already bought. Saves tons of money!

We have a house full of 4 girls (that includes me) and one boy (daddy). We have fun and cook alot and watch movies and dance and play and have fun!

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