Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer July 2010

It is July now. So much is happening. Blythe crawls now everywhere. She started a month ago. She also has 7 teeth! She makes a lot of noises and sounds and laughs a lot. She loves Peek-a-boo! She cruises around the furniture and loves to stand. She is a busy girl! Fiona lost her top two teeth and she is so cute! New ones are coming through and she is getting older. Her attitude is one of an older child and she is shedding the young child face quickly. She really is a funny girl. One day she is a ninja practicing her fighting moves outside with a stick and the next day she is a princess getting ready for a play. I love her many interests.

Aaron and I are having fun with our girls! I have started sewing cloth wipes for sale. My friend has a store in which to sell them for me. It is a start and I hope to expand what I make to better stuff like diapers and baby clothes. Really I would sew anything i can think of if I have what it takes! It is hard to find time to sew these days, though. These days I use Flip covers with prefolds and bumgenius elemental diapers. I am slowly getting a stash of fitteds and wool. It is fun for me. Aaron has his moths and butterflies and I have my sewing and diapers. :)

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