Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tree

We had a ceremony on saturday. It was 2 years ago that we lost a baby. Our 2nd one who died due to miscarriage. We bought a cherry tree and planted it on our land in the garden spot. We buried Blythe's placenta, a toy from fiona that she wanted to give to the babies had they been born, and the little box that had in it the remains of my first baby w/ Aaron who died at only 10 weeks along. The 2nd baby who died at 13 weeks we didn't keep but will live on in our hearts through that cherry tree planted on the memorial of his/her loss. It was a nice ceremony but a sad one. A tree of life to give life to those who lost it and to give them comfort in our hearts that they are part of us........... oh I am getting too sad now.

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